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Joseph Wilson

Personal Business Cards

Front and back for my business cards. The only change I'd make is to increase the size of the smallest text. Aside from that, I'm happy.

jgwilsondesign v5

Working on the latest edition of my personal site. Due to the economy, I was let go from my previous job, so I'm finally putting forth the effort to a get my personal site going again. For now, the chief goal is to showcase my design and front end development skills (since I haven't really designed anything in three years, it's also a good re-learning experience). Secondary goals: • a solid user experience • a fun-filled design with lots of excuses for me to draw things (like the custom social icons and the background) • and a playground for me to experiment with some new/mostly new front end technologies (including RWD) which my previous employer was unable to make use of Feedback is very much appreciated on things like: *general layout and feel*; *color schemes*; and *typography*. (You know, the usual.) ;) Being a mockup, I can only really hint at certain functionality. Let's just say, you're gonna have to trust me on some of it. lol


Creative Use of Static Block

Really cool examples of what can be done with static blocks in Magento. Also included in the blog post are some really useful code "snippets".

$_colors = Mage::getModel('eav/config')->getAttribute($_product->getResource()->getEntityType(), 'color')->getFrontend()->getSelectOptions();
foreach($_colors as $color) {
    if($color['value']==$_product->getColor()) {
        echo $color['label'];

Getting a custom attribute's label instead of its value

Normally, $_product->getColor() would return the option's value. This code allows you to grab the label from a selected option of a custom product attribute, instead. In this example, I'm grabbing the name of a selected color. this code was shown me by Jonathan Hodges @ Classy Llama Studios