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Ring Wang

Pure CSS image checkbox

Another project using the :checked pseudo-class. Select image element with the radio button and checkbox. View Demo

CSS3 tabs using the :checked pseudo-class

Some developers has created the pure css tabs that they were used the <a> tag and the :target pseudo-class. In fact, this is not the easiest way to get tabs, and it's not perfect. I've tried the radio button (input type="radio") with the :checked pseudo-class, this method made it simple and easy to maintain. View Demo

Pure CSS3 Lightbox with a Pure CSS3 Template

This Snap has shown a 3D effect page that I was created for the demo of pure CSS Lightbox. It has included 3D text, web shadow, folded paper corner, bookshelf and more effect based on CSS3. 4 different content in CSS Lightbox: image box, media box, text box and HTML5 login box. View demo