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Shajed Evan

Mobile Web UI Concept

Snackloop is a web app which offers users to share specific contents given by different publishers. Thus user's get some rewards as pay back. I am designing the UI of the site and as it will be responsive site I had to keep the mobile structure first on top of everything. This is the campaign list view page. let me know if you found anything odd within the design. like the typography, readability or color contrast issues.

Sass Compass Mixins for Retina Icon Sprite

Retina Icons Sprite - Sass Mixins is generator tool for for front-end developers to easily integrate **Retina Sprite Icons** in your website. All you will need is SASS and Compass installed and you are good to go! Check out **[How it works and How to use Retina Icon Sprites Sass Mixins](http://themestent.github.io/retina-icon-sprites/)**


Which HTML,CSS & JavaScript resources should be included on any front-end rapid prototyping template?

hen you start prototyping with your HTML5 and CSS3 front-end starter template for a new project which components you usually use most? Or which template so far is best for you to start with and why? I'm working on a new front-end template called ThemesTent Framework ( Advanced front-end template for faster prototyping ) combining some advanced features and techniques of current front-end development trends. You may have look at it. But still let me know which is your preferred starter features and modules? Thanks in advance.

Front-end Starter template UI

I am working hard to release ThemesTent Framework Beta version very soon to all the crazy fron-enders around the world. Before release the beta version I wanted to invite them first to my invitation landing page which is also built on ThemesTent Framework. Wondering what you may response looking at it? So here are few images and live landing page links to dog into it and burn me with your critiques or suggestions.

Which Navigation Panel ensures Best Experience on Mobile Web?

After working on several Responsive or Mobile Only Web as well as one Mobile Apps; few argumental conflicts are growing in my head. Which Navigation Panel - serves best experience to mobile users? Is It the * Top Down Slide Panel? The one we used to see on Twitter Bootstrap? * Page Slide Left/Right Panel? Example: Facebook Mobile. * Or Input Select dropdown menu on top? What's your POV on this? Do we have any research data on user behaviours for such cases? Hope all Forrst goody fellows can take me out of self-conflicts state :D


How to get a Dribble Invitation?

May be this same foolish question people have asked so many time, I am just increasing the number :P No Really - How you really can get an invitation? As a prospect I like those genius' crafted things, keep them into bucket fo future reference. A also wanted to thank them ... but I can't comment. How it can be done really? What these inviters actually look for?


Free Responsive Web Template for Download

I am releasing one of my simple HTML5 Template for free. I believe those who are getting your hands dirty with HTML and CSS, can take this small template an example. You may like this Small One Page Responsive Web template built on top of Twitter Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate. It's free and very well documented. Download and share with your friends. Completely free for Commercial use. I am working on it's WordPress template now, which I will make free too. And Please don't hesitate to share if you like it.