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Erdis Driza

Linkphone identity

Linkphone Online Telecommunication Linkphone was an imaginary company for my communication design class, i tried to present it as a real company with complete brand book. Suppose Linkphone to be an online mobile telecommunication company that offers communication over 3G and wireless connection with monthly subscriptions. Linkphone targets young people from 16-35 years old and their main goal is to make its customers enjoy even more freedom on the internet and communication. Linkphone possesses a very great feature, which is design to work completely on Cloud, so everything on customers mobile phone will be synchronized on their own personalized cloud over the internet as well. Furthermore, Linkphone customers can connect their files, contacts, messages, and even edit those information from a desktop, android, or an iphone application. Another great feature of the application is that it allows customers to call, video call, or send messages from a computer just like from the mobile phone. All in all, using the application, allows customers to enjoy their stored data even if the phone stolen, broken, or changed with a new one.

Architect minimal web design

Trying the new web trend on my latest project for an architect and designer Brian Swanson. I'll really appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions. Thank You! here is more detailed view from this project: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Swanson-Design/7088601


need help to clean and improve some jquery code

im working on my new self project and its my frist time dealing with jquery and looks a bit messy for me what im trying to do is: http://elexoj.com/demo/ -- i tried to make .first_nav (div) carrousel and i've implemented carroufredsel plugin but now after some refreshes or meanwhile bug appears and it dosent work well here is what i've done with jquery $(document).ready(function() { $(".carrousel").carouFredSel({ container:false, width: "100%", height: 250, align: "center", items: { visible: 4, minimum: 1, width: "100%", height: 250, }, scroll: { items: 4, easing: "linear" }, auto: false, next: { button: ".next", duration: 800, }, prev: { button: ".prev", duration: 800 } }); }); and the html is Pas Para Also i want to improve one little thing here the carousel scrolls infinite both sides right and left i want it to stop at the first image and when it arrives to last one i need it to scroll to the first one again. im very sorry for my english and hope you understand my problem. Thank You all and i really appreciate your help!