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Homepage sneakpeak.

Hey! Long time no see :) This is homepage sneakpeak of the website / project, I've been working on lately - gonna be building 12 FREE WordPress themes next year. Interested in progress? Please check - [wplovin]( http://www.wplovin.com ) Tom


Funky Skeleton - completed.

Hey, Some time ago, I've posted WIP version of my new theme - Funky Skeleton. Few days ago, it was accepted @ themeforest.net. Check it out, and let me know what you think about finished version :)


Fresh Skeleton - available @ CreativeMarket.

Hey! Few times I've posted some screenshot from my second skeleton theme - Fresh Skeleton - responsive WordPress theme. It was rejected from TF, re-done, and now it's up in CreativeMarket! By the way, have you checked CreativeMarket.com yet? No? You should definately do that, it's awesome! Also, feel free to take a look at my shop there: https://creativemarket.com/dekciw (atm, only Fresh Skeleton is available)

Funky Skeleton - something new..

So, third theme in my skeleton series is coming along nicely! Decided to do plain blog / magazine style theme with everyone's beloved masonry / isotope. Already got post color options, grid settings (1/3, 2/3, 3/3 width), and featured section (image / video / slider) settings up and running on the latest WP version! Here, have a little sneakpeek! :)


Resumed! - online CV / resume template.

Heya, long time no see! :) Some time ago, I've decided to play around with Twitter Boostrap, so that's how Resumed! was born. Today, it got accepted @ {wb} Check it here: https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/resumed-cv-resume-template-WB058F829 Opinions are welcome. P.S. I still prefer getskeleton over bootstrap :)

Fresh Skeleton! Sneakpeak #2

typicons.com + Georgia + funky portfolio = ? You guessed it right - Fresh Skeleton! Theme's almost done, just few design + code tweaks left!

Fresh Skeleton!

New WordPress theme based on getskeleton.com is on it's way! Here's a little sneak peak ;)