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Elliott Regan

Another peak at my newest project. This time, it's a list.

Check out Part 1 below. Still narrowing in on colors and metaphors. What do you think?

Login Panels: Yellow or Wood?

Which accent do you like better?

iOS 7 Video App Icon

A few takes on a concept for a video app icon for iOS 7.

Detail from a new Web App: Problem in Webkit

Here is a shot of two elements from a website I'm building. I've had this problem with Webkit in Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, but only on my one computer (MPA 11"). If you look, the module on the left has an 1px inset box-shadow on the top, and a 1px box-shadow in the bottom. The one on the left has no inset box-shadow on the top and a 2px box-shadow on the bottom. As I change the width of the window (which changes the width of the boxes) the shadows switch between showing and not showing, or 1px and 2px. Here is the code, and everything I've figured out so far:

Local Government Website

I created this site for the town of Pompey, NY to display their Master Plan document online. What do you think of the design and presentation?

Business Cards & Color Scheme Advice

So, I'm playing around with different color schemes for these business cards. Do any of these work well? How does the layout feel?

Gradfly logo update

I added more to the hat, which hopefully doesn't make it too complicated. Original can be found here: http://forrst.com/posts/Gradfly_Logo-2bV

'Guard My Angel' Site Snap

I designed the website for the 'Guard My Angel' app. It has a responsive design, and custom actions for the buttons depending on which type of device you are one (iOS, Android, desktop). Always room for improvement, so what do you think? guardmyangel.com