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Catalin Boroi  Pro

CSS Position problem

Dear front-end's I need help, I've got to solve a CSS problem but I can't seem to do it. Maybe is because its really late here and I'm tired but I can't go to sleep with this. Getting on my nerves really. The image is pretty clear, I have a layout with those div's and I can't make the red div's go up as you see. The only solution I know is to position the BIG div's as absolute and voila BUT their 100% width will not work anymore - of course - and I need that stretch. Any ideas how to force the red div's go up??

Personal Portfolio [live]

Hello forrsters, My personal portfolio is live and I need feedback on the design, browsing - how easy/hard is to reach wanted information, clarity and look&feel. It is NOT responsive, I love working with CSS but the work is so much, I don't have time to do more for the moment. A little more info: wanted something simple and playful - it's the kind of jobs I prefer. The Case Studies are more of MINI case studies, I have a lot more info to add to each but so little time. Be as harsh as you want, I can take negative feedback, helps me!

[UPDATE] My Forrst Redesign

Now I couldn't leave this design unfinished, could I? So I gathered all the feedback from: @ryantriddle @Oiseau @PixelHippie @webthread see it here > http://forrst.com/posts/My_Forrst_Redesign_more_space-Fds HOMEPAGE UPDATED Regarding the issue on images, I have moved them on the same "level" with the description. You can't have one without the other. Think looks good and another thing, with this arrangement, more posts fills the Height of the browser. I think this is very good. And for users that like to see images ('cause they're pretty!) there is also the Gallery view that can solve this :) Fixed the POST button, separation between Posts, the clicked buttons and normal view (like etc) + promoted post.

iPhone App: place (bar, restaurant) page

Hi all, I need feedback on a screen from a going-out app. The idea: after searching for a place to get for drinks, food etc, the user - you - click on a place (from the search results listing) and get into the screen you see. What I need: feedback on the UI and UX, clarity of the information What I don't need: feedback on the colors. This is a done deal! What would be awesome: to open this image on your smartphone and look at it as if it was already an app installed. IMPORTANT: the proportions of this image are prepared for iPhone 4S and 5 so ideally will look real if seen on a new model of smartphone.

My Forrst Redesign: more space

YES I couldn't help myself @jackiengo :) HOMEPAGE - the current layout looks cramped IMO, menu links are too small and so are the buttons - moved the POST button at the right to better integrate with the user details > right now it's separate and is connected visually with the search field. I believe its place is near the user info because he/she is using it, is not a general function like the search - increased the user avatar, the size now shows a better "you" and I believe is friendlier this way - added the Ranger character near the PARK GUIDE > emphasize that link since is very important - the POST button doesn't need a drop down > you will click it anyway and the next page (see it attached) clearly shows your options - added two Layout options at the left > wouldn't it be cool to "scan" the posts faster? - added text for the post types you are seeing > a single icon with a drop-down is too hidden, now you clearly see what is set to show - the Promoted Post is better seen now - added color to the Like, Comments etc buttons > those are important functions and should be seen faster > because the layout has good white space those buttons doesn't "steal" the attention from the post

wip logo

TEST OVER First of all, thank you for the replies!! I have attached the final work with explanations. Any feedback is much appreciated. ________________________________________________________ This is a symbol, part of a logo. I thought, instead of telling you what is about, what is the best test? Well asking you what do you think this symbol is about right? So we have a REAL firm that is focused on what? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you walk around your city and suddenly you see this symbol on a poster and underneath "We are helping you to.." - that's all you get from me :) After a couple answers I will tell what is about and then I'll ask for feedback.

The viking

I finally found a nice character to cheer up my online portfolio so before adding the final details and put it in my design, I need some feedback for this little guy. Is it interesting enough? Can you see is a viking? Should I add a shield and/or an axe? More info: the idea behind this is to show the real me through the character, it will do different things on each page of my website and I will combine him with good typography and a little story behind. I got into illustration lately to boost my skills and this is another reason for using him.

Critique needed - personal project [wip layout design - today: the profile page]

corsairsheep is an independent project meant to help freelancers get clients & get better. We (a small team of 4) are passionate about what we do and want to encourage people to choose the freelance life. This is purely created for the experience & we promise good humor and prizes (virtual and real). I am looking for feedback regarding the design, clarity, ui and ux, overall feeling. Thank you in advance