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Dudu Torres

Minha Sampa | Crowdsourcing Identity

Hi guys! How are you? So, we're getting to a final result on the Minha Sampa brand, and now we need your help to get going! We decided to take a crowdsourced path, that follows the concept that São Paulo is a city of everyone, and every person has one SP of its own. So, to do that, we need a lot of "MINHAS". If you could, please, help with anything that you can (it could be just the written work, some type of collage, illustration, anything that shows your individuality), it would be awesome! Here is the download link for the vector file: http://cl.ly/0M3P3c120x2F If you want just the image, see the attached one. We really need you to get this concept going! You can send your collaboration to [email protected] or reply here. Thanks a lot for the attention and collaboration!

Social Campaign Website

Hello again! We're working on a Social Campaign Website, where users can create, share and join campaigns to make Rio de Janeiro a better place. This widget shows how many messages we're already sent to our Campaign Targets and giver the user the option to Pressure them on Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. Please give me your feedback, so I can make this platform the best! Thanks, Dudu