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Transparent UI Kit preview

This is a sample of a new upcoming GUI kit with absolutely transparent objects that can fit on any backgrounds. I appreciate for any suggestions and critique. Stay tuned :)

Ruthenium UI Kit for Free!

Hello. This is a FREE version of Ruthenium UI Kit. This layered PSD file contains some useful objects for apps design. You can download it on Dribbble. I'll be thankful for any critiques and suggestions how to improve it.

Knóbz UI Kit Vol.5 Preview

This is a preview shot of next volume of Knóbz UI Kit. All done in Photoshop, all layers are scalable vector shapes, no raster. This kit will be usable for any kind of design: desktop app (like VST plugins, sequencers or sound editing software); mobile apps for iPad or Android (like DJ mixers or virtual touch synthesizers); print media (even in 300-600 dpi); multimedia (TV and broadcast) or even product design - you may construct your own guitar pedal or power amplifier just using this UI kit. In attachment - full preview with switches part. Previous volumes of Knóbz are here: http://u.to/kH6_Ag Previous huge and fresh Ruthenium UI Kit here: http://u.to/4b69Ag Big respects for any ideas, suggestions and wishes. And and many many thanks for shares via Twitter, FB and Pinterest.

Knóbz UI Kit Sample

Knóbz GUI Kit Sample — Vol.3: Gray'n'Green.

Knóbz UI Kit

Greetings folks! Here's a sample that I made with my Knóbz UI Kit, which contains four volumes. More details could be found at Dribbble (http://u.to/7H2_Ag) or Behance (http://u.to/0X6_Ag). I glad to see any comments or suggestions, and I appologise for tweets, shares and repins.