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David Lapointe

Interaction Design

Rotten Tomatoes API experiment

I played with the Rotten Tomatoes API and some CSS to build this "timeline". I actually wanted it to be a real timeline of upcoming movies, but the API doesn't let us go much in the future. Anyways, I had a great time toying with something that was NOT a client project and that was NOT a side project either. Needed to let it go :P [http://mambomambo.ca/_timeline/](http://mambomambo.ca/_timeline/)


Creating a new WordPress theme selling website

Hi everyone! After some time of inactivity here on forrst, I would like to ask you all your opinion about something. I am funding a new website that's going to sell WordPress themes. As many of you are my target market (web developers editing the themes for their client), I would like to know : * Have you visited/bought a theme from a website I should know about? * If so, what is the strength of that website. In other words : why do you like that particular one? * Do you have any need/desire you would like to get from a theme selling website? Any feature that would ease your work that you would like to use? Either in the selling website or in the themes themselves. Thanks to all!


Opinion question. Serving mobile content should be done with : a) media queries and other client technologies, b) php librairies and server technologies?

I've seen some librairies used to deliver different content on mobile devices and tablets. I've always sold out the server solutions before since doing everything on the server is more secure, but in that particular case... I don't know. There are some devices out there with so many screen width possibilities. How could a server know if the width of the device changes? How do you feel about that? Do you prefer that or do you prefer to use CSS and JavaScript? Combining both?


How do I enable Gzip compression on JavaScript and CSS files?

I used html5boilerplate's .htaccess which is quite complete in my humble opinion and it adds every type to be gzipped. Gzip is activated on my server and I know it since everything else gets gzipped. The thing is PageSpeed keeps telling me "If you gzipped this.css and that.js" blahblah... Why? What have I done wrong? Here is the link to the .htaccess I used : html5boilerplate.com/docs/htaccess/

Movember fun

I know this is a copyrighted logo, but I had fun because this is... Movember! Help my team at my job to raise fund for prostate cancer and other manly diseases : movember.com/ca/fr/donate/your-details/team_id/…

Sketches for a friend's logo

I'm currently designing a friend's logo. He is a music teacher but also a freelance musician. I've written (in french) "Music Teacher" or "Teacher", but this has yet to be changed for "Freelance Musician". Which one do you prefer? I gave him exactly those sketches so he is currently making his choice. What's following soon : his website's design.


I want a good CMS. I'm definitely resolved to build my own. Any suggestions?

I'm currently working with Joomla and the MVC system in there is interesting. I'm also working with Wordpress and the loop system is great for blogging or listing an accumulation of things. Is there anything I could start with? I'd like it to be fully MVC and OOP. If you know any other pattern than MVC that could work better for that kind of project, just let me know.


What is the new 960 grid system for 16:9 (widescreen)?

I'm pretty sure I have seen something somewhere that there is a new standard. I'm an addict of the 960 grid system, but what is the new one? I can't find it anywhere!!!