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Danii Oliver

Boob Food Label and Logo

I would like to get some feedback on what I did not so great, how to make it better and where I might have gone over board. I am going for clean, modern hipster, crisp.

Site UI UX & Design Review

Seeking feedback on the design UI & UX of Sportscipher.com I am about to complete development and I will be able to refine any UI UX and design features that would help to bring it up to award worthy standards. If it could be passed along to friends or colleagues for feedback that would be great. Please note I am NOT looking for statements like "it's nice" or "it's good"; rather constructive criticism, insight or simply no comment.


Need an ActionScript class for a Project I inherited

Does anyone in the #Flash and the #AS3 World know about the Class evoke.utils.xmlUtils if so where can I find it?

Casino Night

It seems like when dealing with a business in need of marketing, advertising and public relations to build awareness for its presence, promotions or products, it really is a gamble to show your support and skill set to some business owners. A business can struggle and help come it's way. The offer of help will then completely be refused usually from a smoke screen defense mechanism. But once an agency or peson has proven themselves you'd think that you would have left the casino's gambling table to really working together. The truth is, you've just moved on to a higher stakes table. This advertisement was made in an effort to stay in the game and keep betting our chances at landing the client. Though signs point to a fold on the other side of the table it may also be a bluff. My chips are for betting not for holding on to, so I'm staying this hand and matching the raises as I need to.

Cigar Landing Flyer

In an attempt to introduce HTML graphic and rich text emails to a recent client, I first had to showcase to them the value of well designed advertisements. They started with a word doc white page and two paragraphs of text. This is what I gave them.

Amplified Growth Web UI/UX planning

Just releasing the sketches I have done before going into laying out on the computer as I am working on building a solid UI/UX portfolio.

Pat the Roc's AIP

Quick Ad layout to drive traffic toward video highlights of a Basketball game where a player moonwalked while dribbling the ball. Also to promote the client's (Sportscipher.com) involvement and exclusive coverage of the game.

Sports Publication Business Card Final

After many reviews and walk aways. I came to a layout that worked to catch the eye of this client's networking market. A design that is functional as both a advertisement and as a source of personal information. What troubled me most was how to work with the entire palette of the brands colors in an effort to brighten and excite the design. Now it's time to hear what my peers have to say. The back of the card is a matte grey. Matte for taking notes. Grey so as to not make the eye pop when flipped. I feel the light coloring will help to wrap the design. Now I can't determine if the front should be matte or UV coated?