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Dan Gold

What's everyone doing for flex box?

I really like the application of flexbox used for the attached image, and flexbox seems perfect for it. Sadly, It doesn't seem like there is a good way to achieve this cross browser. Even with polyfills, since the spec may change, actually using flexbox may not seem like a good idea. My sass + compass code for how I achieved the layout is below. How is everyone approaching the use of flexbox in production? Does anyone have any recommendations moving forward with the attached layout?

Calling all Philadelphia-ers

I want to create a collection of companies and start-ups based out of Philly who are in the business of making websites and other things on the internet. I think it would be a great tool for discovery about the kind of work being built out of Philly. I've created a very simple page to collect info just to gauge if the idea will gain any traction. The end goal will more or less be a listing of companies and more info about that company. The page isn't launched yet, mostly because i'm stuck with a few things listed under this. The design is attached below. I have 3 questions for you Is this something you would find useful? Do you have domain suggestions? Is the design self explanatory or should I elaborate more about the overall goal? I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks


Web Design & Developers Using Linux?

Does anybody use linux for web design/development? For the people who use it - Why do you like it? What is your distro? What software do you use For the people who have tried it and didn't like it - Why? Here is the software I use everyday - Skype - Coda - Photoshop - Fireworks - Dropbox - Chrome - Firefox (only for firebug)


Utility to show who is editing what file in an FTP dir

Our small web dev team of 3 people often yells out "I'm in index or i'm in branding" just so we don't open files and save over what the other person is doing. When making changes to lots of files, it slows down development and can cause problems versioning. Because version control system seems unnecessary for smaller projects, it doesn't make sense to use one. Does anyone have a solution for a utility that displays the current state of a file in an FTP dir? Something very simple like this: jsfiddle.net/danielcgold/nyTWW/


What's the deal with StumbleUpon?

So maybe I just don't understand how it works or i'm just missing the concept entirely, but when I stumble a link, i'll either get at or above 500 hits or only 1 hit. The traffic seems to come all at once, and when I check analytics, it shows that the visitor only visited for 00:00:00. Does anyone have an insight on how to effectively use stumbleupon for a good source of traffic? EDIT: i've made this post public and stumbled it. I'll report back what happens.


Windows web hosting company options?

I currently use Dreamhost and Media Temple for hosting (they run on linux) but I am in need of a trustworthy Windows web hosting company. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Thoughts about CSS3 + IE

Maybe i'm just late in the game or never cared enough to think about what CSS3 does to the look of my sites in IE's. Recently, it was brought to my attention that drop shadows, rounded corners, and other CSS3 things, that I use on all designs, made the sites look, well, just-not-right in IEs. Especially when using drop shadows to make certain elements stand out. I found css3pie.com/ and tried it. I really like what it did to the frontend of my test site. It's a tossup for me though. I have to include a behavior file everywhere that I use a CSS3 property - and I don't like that. What does everyone else do? Do you ignore IE all together? Do you use another fix?