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Tipped - awesome jQuery Tooltip

![Tipped](http://bestofjquery.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/plugin-tipped.jpg) Tipped is a jQuery plugin to quickly make your custom tooltips. When I first came across this plugin I was impressed with how many options it has. Pretty much any sort of jQuery tooltip you could need can be handled by this plugin. Check it out!

Packaging Design Project

A packaging design project I just completed for college. I would've liked to have added little icons on the top and bottom of the disc on the logo to spice it up and make it less empty but I didn't have enough time. Thoughts? :)

Weight Loss App Icon

new icon for a diet related app i'm developing for dietdecide.com this is supposed to be a stainless steel scale inspired by the "lose it" app that's also a calorie tracker app appreciate comments and feedback!

Settings Panel

So I'm just about finishing up the app I'm working on, and I liked the style so I decided to make a little settings panel out of it.

Awesome Rotating CSS Image Slider

An awesome CSS image slider that you can use for free. Everything is achieved using the amazing CSS3's animation property. Basically there are four slides that are positioned absolutely in the hidden space. To see how they are positioned, check this link. Then with the magic of CSS3's animmation property, the slides are rotated in anti-clockwise direction and the slide animation is made possible with keyframes. I've added many keyframes to make the slide animation perfect and smooth. The description part is contained in another set of four slides that are positioned and animated in the same way. However, the third div.slide_info in the html should have the description of first image, fourth slide for the second image, first slide for the third image and second slide for the fourth image. I'll improve this in the version 2 of the slider I am currently working on.  Both these slides sets are positioned relatively to the viewport (#slider) so that the correct slide is shown with it's description. The fading animation is also achieved by the animation property and keyframes. The whole cycle lasts for 16 seconds and then it gets repeated forever. However, when you hover upon the slider, the sliding animation gets paused so you can focus upon the text or description of the current slide. This is achieved by changing the animation-play-state to paused when the slider is hovered. Also, please view it in full screen by clicking here. Feel free to use this slider in any way you like (but don't post it anywhere else without proper credits). It will only work in the latest versions of Chrome/ Safari and Firefox for now.   


Dirt Cheap Apps - Progress Report

It's been about a week since I launched dirtcheapapps.com. I thought I'd share some things I've been doing and results so far. Sales started off very briskly, mostly due to the front page blog post I had on HN. That day I got about 5,000 unique visitors and 2,000 "conversions" (users that clicked on the front page call to action). I closed 7 sales and made 5 leads. After the initial rush, sales died down quickly with only one lead coming in after five days. In addition, I've shipped two of the apps with a third one just about ready to hit the door. This weekend I reinvested some of the revenue into building a better website. I'm hoping that a nicer design and a flat hierarchy will result in more conversions. I'm also taking a landing page approach: building separate landing pages for certain keywords I want to rank for. I plan on having an iphone specific page in addition to android, small businesses, hotels, etc. I've also increased my pricing to $199. I've found that while $99 is certainly attractive, it depends almost too much on an extreme amount of turnover. I want to make nicer apps and I think this price is still a tremendous amount of value. Finally I've actually hired an intern. He emailed me asking about an opportunity to build real apps (he's a high school student) and I was really impressed with his moxie. So we've worked out a deal where I send him work and in return I split the profit with him. It's working out great so far. I have more stuff to share, but I'll save it for a future post.


I had an idea for a fake app icon. I wanted to see if I can design an app that looks like a toilet bowl. There's no concept for the app at all, just an icon. Any suggestions on making it looks better? UPDATES: • Added water • Added more details

## Launchpad Editor
## Copyright 2011 Hotchkissmade
## Released under the GPL

import sqlite3, operator, os

path = os.path.expanduser("~") + "/Library/Application Support/Dock/"
lpdb = os.listdir(path)
dbs = []

for db in lpdb:
	stat = os.stat(path + db)
	dbs.append([stat.st_mtime, db])
sorted(dbs, key=operator.itemgetter(1))
lpdb = dbs[len(dbs) - 1][1]

launchpad = sqlite3.connect(path + lpdb)

apps  = launchpad.cursor()
apps.execute("select title,bundleid from apps")

print "Launchpad is currently displaying the following apps:"

rows = apps.fetchall()
c = len(rows) - 1
o = 0

for x in range(0, c - 1):
	# Apple stuff is fine. 
	# Adobe can't properly handle OSX software to 
	# save their wallets. #seewhatijustdid
	if not "com.apple" in rows[x][1] and not "X11" in rows[x][0]:
		if "adobe" in rows[x][1] or "Adobe" in rows[x][0]:
			app = "\033[1;31m" + rows[x][0] + "\033[0m,"
			o += 2; # Adobe's app names are statisitcally longer.
			app = "\033[1;34m" + rows[x][0] + "\033[0m,"
			o += 1;
		if o % 4 == 0:
			print app
			print app,

if not "com.apple" in rows[c][1] and not "X11" in rows[c][0]:
	app = "and \033[1;34m" + rows[c][0] + "\033[0m."	
	print app
print "\nType the name of the app you would like to remove from Launchpad below, exactly as it is shown above. Seperate multiple apps with a comma:"
remove = raw_input()

if "," in remove:
	remove = remove.split(", ")
	for app in remove:
	 if apps.execute("DELETE FROM apps WHERE title='" + app +"';").rowcount == 1:
		 print "\033[1;32m" + app + " removed\033[0m"
	if apps.execute("DELETE FROM apps WHERE title='" + remove +"';").rowcount == 1:
		print "\033[1;32m" + app + " removed\033[0m"
print "\nNext, type \033[0;104;30m sudo killall Dock \033[0m and Launchpad will restart"


Remove annoying entries from Launchpad

I was getting sick of seeing Photoshop's uninstaller in my Launchpad and was inspired to make a script to make them disappear. I enjoy coding for bash because few know that you can be creative in it (Layout and colors). It's not a very open canvas, but it's one in need of improvement. Let me know what you think! (Only works in Lion, place it anywhere, cd and run python scriptname.py.)