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Christopher Honninger

Skull - WIP

A drawing I did last night. Hope you like it.. It's still a work-in-progress, so more to come soon ;-)

CG Reality

Hey! I'm pleased to finally show you the movie I had been working on. It is a short motion-piece, which covers a bunch of CG/3D related questions. Throughout the development, I tried to answer these questions to myself, producing what you are about to see. Please wait for it to load, view it in HD and Fullscreen HERE! Tweet it, like it, share it, spread the word if you liked it! Enjoy and, if you're interested in similar stuff, get one of these.

Minima - Upcoming Theme

A very minimalistic and modern web design, that strives to offer a new concept of mine: the user is not dumb, hence there is no need to display rows of headings and sub-headings and taglines, etc. to explain what a paragraph is about or what a link will do. Thanks! ;-)

Teaser: Fina Brochure - Fashion&Shopping 4-template Brochure

This is a teaser for my upcoming GraphicRiver Fina Brochure print template. It's a brochure that comes with 4 unique templates (front, back, spread version 1 and an alternative spread version 2). It's a 8.5x11''/17x11'' 300dpi print-ready CMYK with bleed lines, available in both .PSD and .INDD. All layers and folers have been cleanly organized and named. You can easily replace all of your stock-photos with a one-click replace system. Stay tuned as it'll be available for purchase any time soon! Thanks!

Teaser: Particular Void - Opener

Teaser for my upcoming VideoHive.net project. This one has nothing to do with websites. It's a tough, strong and massive video-opener for Adobe After Effects that is fully customizable (the text itself and the media, obviously, the environmental colors - several presets to choose from, and much more). Hope you like it and stay tuned, as it'll be rocking soon on videohive.net ! Chris

Explicita - Teaser for my upcoming ThemeForest theme

This is a tiny teaser for my upcoming ThemeForest landing page. It includes 4 unique templates which can be modified & customized, or used as a starting-structure to create your own template. If you like it or know anyone who might be interested in it, please stay tuned! These are fully CSS-stylized and jQuery enhanced themes that have been crafted with love for detail! Thanks and enjoy! Chris


Teaser for my upcoming Wonderful Christmas Flyer for GraphicRiver.net. I really hope you like it. This item will come with the 8.5x11'' flyer design plus a 8.5x5.5'' postcard design. The design itself was created with care and love for detail, and every single layer was non-destructively modified (i.e. vector shapes, layer masks, etc.). Stay tuned as it might be released today, Wednesday 15. I'll keep you updated ;-)!


Strange WebKit behaviour: When URL has index.html site doesn't work

Okay, so the problem is pretty simple: (For Safari & Chrome).. when you load my demo site like chrishonn.com/envato/demo2/ it works flawlessly. However, if I insert index.html to that link, like chrishonn.com/envato/demo2/… the site has a few discrepancies. In FireFox both methods make no difference at all; the site looks as it should. So, is this something common? Maybe this is a known glitch on WebKit browsers. Anyhow, I would really appreciate your help and support on this, as I have never faced such a strange problem. The Problem (chrishonn.com/envato/demo2/…, on Chrome & Safari, Windows 7): imgur.com/… Thanks! Chris