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Cole Bemis

Top or Bottom?

This is a logo for a school district. Which to do you like better, top or bottom?

Iconset WIP

Working on an iconset for CreativeMarket. What do you think? Also, if I left any icons out please let me know.

Pricing Tables

A little project I'm working on for GraphicRiver, maybe. What do you think? Feedback welcome. A, B or C?

Personal Logo (v2)

This is my second try at a new personal logo. I reworked it to add a bit more color. What do you think? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

What more do you want?!

No images were used in the making of these CSS social buttons, except of course the icons which are a combination of iconsweets and iconsweets2. When finished, I plan to sell them on CodeCanyon. So, are there any buttons that you would want that aren't already up here? NOTE: The gray buttons are unfinished.

Social Buttons

This is a project I'm currently working on for GraphicRiver. Yes, they look very similar to the buttons I'm currently giving away for free on FreebiePixels, but keep in mind that I plan on making 20 - 30 more of them. So, would you buy it? I'd like to collect a few opinions before I invest too much time. Thanks!

Personal Logo

I've been experimenting with a few logo ideas. This one is my personal favorite. It incorporates my initials, "c" and "b". What do you think? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Which is your favorite?

This is a client project that I just started working on. The client is a web hosting company based in Oregon. Which is your favorite, and why? (1,2,3,4)