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Clayton Correia  Pro

iPad app for viewing Mac/PC activity

First post on Forrst in a loooong time! Excited to be back. Here's some progress on the design for a remote activity monitor for iPad. This is the control and display for fan speed (in RPM). Any feedback would be rad. The icons are not designed by me, they are Geomicons. Please go here and purchase them because they're awesome. I use them all the time. Lastly, come hang out with me on twitter. Would like to meet more cool people from Forrst.

The Open - Coming Soon Page

Here is the coming soon page I designed for The Open. It was a fun little experiment and my first time working with typekit (which is awesome!) I've been working on the interface for this site for a few months now. I'll be posting snaps of the real interface soon. We're expecting to launch the beta at the beginning of April. If anyone knows any great photographers please let them know about the beta, they can get free entrance credits to the full competition for helping out with the beta. We'd love to help some talented, unknown people out.


Multiple WordPress sites with one user base.

Hello Forrsters! I'm designing/developing a series WordPress sites (kind of niche inspiration galleries) and I'm looking to have a consistent user base throughout all the sites. There may eventually be around 15 sites if that makes any difference. I have not decided yet how I will set up the sites domain wise: Option number 1 being - website1.com , website2.com , website3.com..etc Option number 2 being - address.com/…, address.com/… , address.com/… I'm leaning towards option 2 but I would like to do separation WordPress installs do to the ridiculous number of categories, tags, posts, shopping carts (eventually)..etc per site. Setting each site up as a category or something and loading a different theme would be easy but I'm worried about the backend getting to be too convoluted. I like things nice and simple. Any help would be great! Also, I'm not a useless designer who doesn't know any code so feel free to lay on the php, mysql..etc if you have anything that could help. If it makes any difference, I may want to use a Facebook Connect plugin eventually. Also it would be awesome if users could go from site to site without having to log in each time. Thoughts?

Personal Site/Blog Facelift

Recently did a round of tweaks on my personal site. I changed the logo, about page as well as a lot of the typographic hierarchy throughout the site. I'd appreciate any constructive feedback. I'm trying to find ways to add more "Umph" while keeping it as minimal as possible. Any help would be great!

New site launch

Last week I launched my new personal html5 blog / portfolio site. It was lots of fun to build and I'm fairly happy with the result. I'd appreciate any and all feedback from the Forrst community. claytoncorreia.com Works best in Chrome & Safari for CSS3 animations but works fine across the board.

Coffee House

Here is the blog page for a theme I've been playing around with. Mostly a texture experiment...not sure if I'm going to code it or not. Feedback welcome.

Radiant WordPress theme

Here's the first mock-up for a little WordPress theme I'm playing around with. I wanted to create something bright and colourful (Not my usual style). Still playing around with a few things...I'm not too happy with the text over the slider image and the logo. I'd appreciate any feedback Forrsters. Let's hear it!

Resolution 2011

My New Years Resolution for 2011.