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Claudiu Taşcă

Feral Labs Logo

Feral Labs description: We are a small team of developers from Galaţi, România that put time into researching Design and Development techniques and sharing them to the world so that everyone can enjoy them, for the good of the Internet. We also do freelance contracts so that we can fund our work and buy coffee so that we can stay awake. At the moment we are a small team, but our numbers grow each day, as more and more developers believe in our cause. Tougher we are one step ahead of achieving our big hairy audacious goal (Reshape the way people see and use the Internet). What we value: ** Leadership. We support those who take initiative in order to help others, find solutions to current global problems. ** Open-mindedness. If we left our cultural, religious and other differences aside and worked for a common goal, the world would have been a better place. Don’t you think? If you think the same, we sincerely applaud you. ** Self-awareness. We like simple people, that know what they are capable of and are aware of the impact they can have on society, those who learned how to program / design because they loved the infinite possibilities of the things they could create, not because of the growing industry


Logo I did for an Opensource project of mine.