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Clark Wimberly  Pro


Repeating a top-level menu item in a dropdown

This is probably a silly question, and I know which side I'm going to argue on, I just want some votes to take with me. the question, somehow diving a whole team of people: **When implementing hover dropdown menus on a website, do you repeat the top-level item inside the dropdown list?** I could say a bit more on the subject, but I don't want to sway the vote. thoughts?

WordPress reservation system (ala Mailbox, Tempo)

I'm building a WordPress reservation system that works around a 'line' concept, something like [Mailbox](http://mailboxapp.com) or [Tempo](http://tempo.ai) did (slowly letting users in while displaying the user's place in line). Of course, I've got the basics coverd: a user can sign up on the site, saving a spot in line (along with username, email password), then check back for a status update. For fun, I've added achievements, wherein the site admin can define badges for certain criteria. As a test, I've got a *Pitching a Tent* badge for anyone that was within the first 25 people in line, and a *Rip Van Winkle* badge for anyone in line for than a day. Can you guys think of any additional features? Or can you dream up any other ridiculous functionality? (the achievements came from a friend via Twitter). PS: If you want to check out the site, you can do so at http://letslineup.com

Fotobot - live prints from Instagram

For the wedding of some friends last month, I built a rig that can live print photos from Instagram, along with the user and caption. It was a pretty big hit so now I'm tossing together a little brand around it. I'm calling it Fotobot. You can see the simple website here: http://fotobot.co and you can check out a sample video here: http://vimeo.com/60848065 I'm gearing up for a small run during SXSW, so I wanted to post here for some feedback before things got too crazy. The site is pretty dang simple, but it's got the effect I was after. During SXSW I hope to shoot some video that isn't so wedding-ish. What else would you guys like to see? PS: If you know anyone throwing a rad SXSW party, let me know!

Simple flight app, updated

I've posted it here before, but I figured you guys might want to see some of the updates. I haven't changed much, just making things a bit prettier. Can't wait to animate this thing!


When liking/voting, what icon to you prefer?

If say, you were about to vote a comment up or down, like or dislike, etc- what type of icon would you want to see? Should I use a thumbs up/down, some arrows, a heart? I'm using Symbolset, so they all look pretty nice, I've just been curious what people actually prefer for a long time now. PS: I usually use arrows.

simple flight app

Started work on a simple flight app. Nothing crazy, just basic info like airports, dates, travel time, reminders, etc. Looking to add some more functionality without making it too busy. Anyone have any suggestions?


Tablet with 1280 res and pixel density of 1- how to target?

Hey guys, I'm working on a responsive design and I've got some markup I need shown only on tablets. The problem I'm running into is that some tablets (like the TF Prime) have resolutions high enough to mimic most desktops. Pair that with a pixel density of 1 and I'm not sure how to target these devices. I checked this quirksmode page on the tablet, and it reports a width of 1280 and a density of 1 (in my head that's a standard desktop res and density). I need to apply some specific style to the tablet even if it's showing the exact same responsive 'step' as the desktop size. Anyone got any ideas there? I'm trying to do this with media queries so I don't have to dip into user agents, but I'm currently blanking on a way to get this done in a clean manner. Halp?


Notifications in WordPress

I'm looking for a way to add a notification system in WordPress. I'm not able to find an off-the-shelf plugin so I thought I'd ask here for some ideas on building one myself. Mainly what I'm after is a notification sort of like Google+ uses, just a small box that lights up with a number when there are pending notifications. The main notification in play would be someone replying to a user comment, but I'd like it to be flexible enough to handle other notifications in the future. Right now I'm thinking about using a CPT to make notifications that have the user ID attached as meta. It should be relatively easy to save/delete posts but I was curious about the overhead of having thousands of these 'receipts' laying around. How would you go about setting up a robust notification system in WordPress?