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Charlie Carver


App Store Advice

I have one app on both the iOS and Mac App Store, and it has reached around 50k downloads. That's great! Except I want to charge for the update. The problem is that I'm only 17, and consequently can't legally sign any contracts (I've gotten this far, whoops). Now that money is going to be involved, however, I need some advice. Can I keep my name as the seller, but have all financial/legal roles be tasked to one of my parents (until I am 18)? If anybody has any ideas, let me know.


Help me conjure a tagline.

As I'm finishing up the design and skeleton coding for my app, Highlightr, I am moving towards promotional material/website design for the app. Subsequently, I need to figure out what tagline to use. **What does Highlightr do?** Well you import documents, currently only PDF, but more to come, and it converts it to plain text. Then, you select key points in the document, and press "copy" to visually highlight the text. All your highlighted items are then compiled into a list which you can use for quick fact studying, and you can share it as well. I made this app to satisfy my own needs as a student. I wanted to be able to import a PDF file of some textbook and be able to highlight the key points, then read those key points so that I didn't have to find all my highlights for studying. And now I need a tagline. And I have no ideas. All ideas are welcomed/greatly appreciated :)

To be flat, or to be skeuomorphic. That is my question.

Like my title? I know, it's terrible! Anyways, after hearing that apple will be moving towards a flat UI with iOS7, and getting rid of all the skeuomorphic designs, I figured I should preemptively change the UI of my app to a flat design. The one problem is that the app is still in its design phase, and I can't decide which UI I should use. My original design centers around the notion of a notebook on a wooden desk, which is an apt representation (IMO) as the app basically lets you take notes. The flat design I made today, and I do not like it as much, but it might make more sense to use it in the long run. So, I would like to know what you all think of the two designs, and which one makes the most sense to use in your opinions.

Highlightr UI (almost there)

So, any feedback? The point of the app is that you can import certain files such as pdf's, and it will convert it to text. You can then highlight text, and it will convert it into a nice little list to quickly review from. The code is all written, more or less, so I just have to settle on a design, which is why all feedback is very helpful.

Highlightr UI

**Version**: 4


This is my most current revision of the app icon for Highlightr. For more info on the app, see my previous post. Pertaining to this version, however, any suggestions?

iOS icon

Well, I'm pretty happy with the icon, but I'd like some suggestions. **What does the app do?** The app converts pdf files to text, then allows you to highlight important sections, and then compiles all the highlighted text into a list for quick studying. **Why "highlightr"** Well, you highlight, text so... ta da. Any other suggestions? **Why a wooden icon?** I wanted to do a wood UI theme for my last app, but was persuaded not to. I want to do one in this app, however, as I feel the wood ties in with the theme of a desk, with papers on it that can be highlighted. The icon reminds me of a desk drawer, with you know, papers in it! Any ideas?


Insert character at specific point but preserving tags?

## Update #2 Okay, more testing ensues. It looks like the code works fine when I use a faux spacer, but the regex eventually fails. Specifically, the following scenarios work: 1. Select words above or below the `a` tag 2. You select only one line either directly above or below the `a` tag 1. You select more than one line above/below the `a` tag 2. You select more than one line specifically below any `a` tag The following scenarios do not work: 3. You select the line/more lines above the `a` tag, and then the line/more lines below the `a` tag What happens when it "doesn't work" is that it removes the `a` tag spacer from the DOM. This is probably a problem with the regex... **Basically**, it fails when you select text around the `a` tag. --- ## Update: I don't need to wrap each line in a `p` tag, I can instead use an inline element, such as an `a`, `span`, or `label` tag, with `display:inline-block` and a height + width to act as a new line element (``). This should make it easier to modify the code, as the only part that should have to change is where I get the text in between the bounds. I should only have to change that part, `selectedText.textContent`, to retrieve the HTML that is also within the bounds instead of just the text. --- I am creating a Phonegap that requires the user to select text. I need fine control over the text selection, however, and can no longer plop the entire text content in a `pre` styled `p` tag. Instead, I need represent a linebreak with something like ``, so that the correct words can be highlighted precisely. When my text looks like this: This is line one Line two Line three And has `.text{ white-space:pre-wrap }`, the following code allows me to select words, then wrap the text with `span` elements to show that the text is highlighted: $("p").on("copy", highlight); function highlight() { var text = window.getSelection().toString(); var selection = window.getSelection().getRangeAt(0); var selectedText = selection.extractContents(); var span = $("" + selectedText.textContent + ""); selection.insertNode(span[0]); if (selectedText.childNodes[1] != undefined) { $(selectedText.childNodes[1]).remove(); } var txt = $('.text').html(); $('.text').html(txt.replace(/(?:\s)*/g, '')); $(".output ul").html(""); $(".text .highlight").each(function () { $(".output ul").append("" + $(this).text() + ""); }); clearSelection(); } function clearSelection() { if (document.selection) { document.selection.empty(); } else if (window.getSelection) { window.getSelection().removeAllRanges(); } } This code works beautifully, but not when each line is separated by a spacer tag. The new text looks like this: Line one Line two Line three When I modify the above code to work with have new lines represented by ``, the code fails. It only retrieves the text of the selection, and not the HTML (`selectedText.textContent`). I'm not sure if the regex will also fail with an `a` element acting as a new line either. The `a` element could be a `span` or `label`, or any normally inline positioned element, to trick iOS into allowing me to select letters instead of block elements. Is there anyway to change the code to preserve the new line elements? ##jsFiddle: [http://jsfiddle.net/charlescarver/39TZ9/3/][1] ###The desired output should look like this: If the text "Line one" was highlighted: Line one Line two Line three If the text "Line one Line two" was highlighted: Line one Line two Line three Of course different parts and individual letters can and will be highlighted as well instead of full lines. [1]: http://jsfiddle.net/charlescarver/39TZ9/2/