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Chad Mueller  Pro

Meal Product Logo Concept

Working on a new concept for a meal product, would love to hear your feedback on the designs, colour and concept.

Custom CMS Design

Working on a custom CMS, would love feedback on the outer frame. Wanted to remove top header area so there is more room for the body content.... also second nav column will have many page items.

GQ Redux

Just recently GQ redesigned their website, being a subscriber of their magazine and a fan of their brand I felt the new design fell short. The new design wasn't a drastic change, but I feel like they didn't make any moves ahead to really make it a substantial milestone. In my view their site is still behind the times and the site already looks outdated. I wanted to keep it my design simple; 2 colours #f14247 & #2e2e2e 2 fonts Bebas Neue & Lora Reg/Bold Attached is the full-sized hover states for the main menu and sidebar interaction. What do you think - which design do you prefer?

Flick Companion

Working on my first iPad app idea. I have over 500 movies in iTunes and a NetFlix account, there is no easy way of browsing through all my movies in different sources. Apple TV doesn't offer an easy way so I wanted to create a catalog app that would pull all your sources of entertainment and organize in an easy to use app. The idea is that a user could hook up multiple sources, Netflix, local, itunes rentals, amazon and other web streaming services. The user could favorite and share their movies and search movies via source or genre. The user would select their preferred movie which would offer them additional information to view, i,e, storyline, cast, related movies, how many times watched, movie trailer and etc.... Would love to hear if anybody has this problem, or would use an app like this? Would really like to see if any developers are interested in working on something like this. I might port this to HTML5 to get a good working prototype to present.

Smootheees Logo Concept

Working on a simple logo for a fun website I want to start up. Would love to hear any feedback regarding colours, type - anything

Projekt19 Redesign

It's been almost three years since launching my freelance identity. I thought it was about time to redesign, since the company has changed the old site, didn't properly reflect that... The new website uses the awesome Foundation from Zurb. The site is very simple and clean. The main goal was to make the site more personable and easier to understand the business. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback Still Working On: The page headings with the center line - I was unable to create this in CSS as of yet. Want to showcase last tweet - unable to find a good integration for this


What are the top issues in web design/development that are worth a debate?

I am curious what the top issues are in the web design/development industries. Would love to answer these issues into something where we can finally come to a conclusion.

Design Debate Redux

Recently posted the first revision here - http://forr.st/~aGF After a week of feedback and reviewing the idea - I have fixed some small details, padding, line-height, typography as well as the comment form layout. Decided to use Lato and Lora Google Fonts I have also attached the "Winner" Screen after the debate is over - visitors can still come back and view the debate. Thoughts are always welcomed - looking to start development this week.