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Corey Dutson

Fall Out Boy poster (early WIP)

Early WIP for a Fall Out Boy poster I'm putting together based on their new album. Not sure if I'm going to be putting this one to limited run or not, but I'll deal with that later. Basic concept is a 3x4 grid of squares, each representing a song (with a spare spot I still need to deal with). Each square has a line pulled from the song, and supporting imagery. All imagery comes from Flickr's CC section (attribution will be on the bottom of the poster) Overall poster is most likely going to be black and red (to align with the album booklet design). I'm using two type-families, and trying to be fairly conservative with the varying of weights and the like. It's early days yet, but thoughts on my chosen route?

<div class="container">
   <div class="child">hello</div>
   <div class="child">world</div>
<!-- and now with a slight alteration to the percentage -->

<div class="container">
   <div class="alt-child">hello</div>
   <div class="alt-child">world</div>

.container {width:100%; padding:0px; margin:0px 0px 50px;}

.child, .alt-child {width:50%; display:inline-block; padding:0px; margin:0px; }

A question of percentages

I've been doing a lot of responsive work lately, and something that keeps catching me are percentage-based widths. You would think that having a div that spans an area, and then filling it with children, displayed inline-block (or float) that add up to an equal 100% would work. The result isn't what you'd expect though. Here's a jsFiddle to demonstrate: http://jsfiddle.net/xwvuF/ and I've attached the jsFiddle code for those too lazy to click through.

Science - a Portal 2 poster

I made this as a house-warming gift for a dear friend of mine. He moved to Italy, which made it a bit of a pain getting it to him. Turns out I had to go and spend the weekend with him in Bassano del Grappa. I managed somehow. Printed to an A2 format on a thick but reasonably smooth stock, I tried to keep the poster very minimal. It took a lot of work getting the balance right, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. Still pondering if I should consider selling it or not as a limited run.

Jaden - a poster I created for my Nephew

A requested piece for my new nephew, Jaden. He’s a cute kid, and I hope this poster lasts long enough for him to old enough to appreciate it. We almost shared a birthday, but he decided to take a while getting out. Technically a bit different than my other work as this was done to American poster sizes, and not the A2 format I originally thought it would be. Printed on a 310GSM paper with a fine grain, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Synthesizers poster - v2

An update to my previous post: forr.st/… this time with some kerning and spacing adjustments, as well as the addition of a red that I love. Thoughts? comments?

Synthesizers poster

I'm a huge fan of Butch Walker and his music, and I wanted to make a print with a line from his music that meant something to me. I opted to take a line from a song from his latest album "The Spade". The song in question is called Synthisizers, and it's a fantastic song. As with all my prints, I'm always looking for feedback. UPDATE: newer version can be seen here: forr.st/…

My Brother, My Brother, and Me - poster for episode 97

Another poster installment for the 'My Brother, My Brother, and Me' podcast. I was torn between which version of the goof to go with (the words were said twice, with subtle differences between them). Just a quick one, so I didn't do as much treatment to it as I would have liked. Once again, if you're not listening to that pod cast, you are missing out on something magical, and I suggest you look it up as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me - rediculous poster for episode 96

My second poster for the 'My Brother, My Brother, and Me' podcast. This is a combination of a verbal goof, and a later goof involving foreign languages (both from that episode. Not reflective of my overall skill, but I enjoyed knocking it together, and thought I would share. Also if you're not listening to that pod cast, you are missing out on something magical, and I suggest you look it up as soon as you finish reading this sentence.