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Matt Lambert



Just relaunched my blog today as a file marketplace. It's a customized version of the woocommerce theme Smpl. I'd appreciate any feedback on the customizations I made. Also, if anyone notices any bugs, please let me know. Mainly I changed up the colour scheme and some of the layout elements. I made the theme a little more minimal and white, which matches my style better. Any feedback would be great!

New Cardeo Logo

new logo and colour palette for cardeo.ca - decided to go with a basic script font that I did some minimal customization too. Colour palette is updated from current one, similar but more muted and modern.


How to track downloads with Google Analytics?

Does anyone know a simple way to track downloads with Google Analytics that doesn't use onClick in the href tag? That explanation is given by google at the below link, but I'm looking for a cleaner solution if one exists google.com/support/analytics/bin/…


Poindexter is a minimal, one-page, portfolio template I'm working on for ThemeForest. It has a jQuery scrolling nav and lightbox for the portfolio. Feedback welcome

Pastel Grunge Brush Set

Just added a new brush set to my website Fileskee. It's a set of 44 pastel grunge photoshop brushes. Download it for free from fileskee.com/products/psd/pastel-brushes/


mattlambert.org relaunches

I just relaunched my personal portfolio website earlier in the week. It's using an Orman Clark WordPress theme and features some of my latest work. Feel free to check it out if you're interested.

ACC Building Logo Comps

A few logo comps I've been working on for a friends company. Which one do you prefer? Any suggestions for improving on any of the concepts? Currently I'm leaning towards the green option.


AnonAnon CSS Framework

I recently finished off a CSS framework that I'm calling AnonAnon. It's a minimal, responsive framework built on a baseline grid. I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who downloads it and gives it a test drive