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Brian Lavoie


Can PHP Display Code as Soon as It Processes It?

Okay, so I have this code: <?php for($x=0;$x<=100000;$x++) { echo "php is fun<br />"; } ?> Raw Code » Is there anyway I can make each echo display as soon as php processes it?


Simple Facebook PHP API Walkthrough

I want to start integrating Facebook's user API features (developers.facebook.com/docs/), mainly their Registration tools, into my web project. However, I can't find any easy to follow documentation to work with. Do any Forrsters have any good materials? Thanks!


How Should I Design an Admin Site?

Hey guys, I have to design an administrative site that controls a wide variety of resources for my high school. It'll control student voting records, a teacher time clock, contact information, and lots of other information. I've been stumped on how to design it and I can't settle on a design. I was hoping you guys could give me some insight on how to start designing it. It deals heavily with numbers and statistics. Thanks! Brian


JavaScript Before or After Code

When you include JavaScript in your code, do you put it before or after your content in the tag? I've heard of it both ways, but I'm wondering what minimizes user loading time.


User Login a Cookie or Session Variable?

I'm creating a PHP application that will have user accounts (big shock these days, huh?). Anyways, when the system posts back that the user is successfully logged in, should that be saved as a session variable or a cookie? I'm not really sure which one is better. Thanks!


A mock-up of a website I'm coding for my high school's Alumni website. Graduates will be able to activate their accounts and access news, alumni profiles, and other pages.


How valuable is Adobe Certification?

This year my school is offering Adobe Certification for Photoshop and Dreamweaver (CS5). I have to pay $80 per test, and I want to know how worthwhile it is to become Adobe Certified. So, should I go ahead and take the tests or do potential clients not look at certification?


How to start drawing vector images?

I want to start drawing vector images in Adobe Illustrator CS5 but I'm not exactly sure how to start. My end goal is to make a hedgehog, because I love them. I have an image (upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/…), but how would I go with the actual creation? As always, your help is greatly appreciated.