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Tumblr theme

I got into the groove and worked back into this after creating an updated logo for myself. This is definitely the direction my Tumblr theme is going. It still needs refinement and such, so any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks, all!

Quick idea for tumblr theme

I'm in the early stages of building a Tumblr theme for the eventual relaunching of my personal web site. This is my first stab at some kind of design for it. It's extremely rough but I'll take whatever comments people have! Designing for oneself is always unreasonably difficult.


Looking to get something off the ground with a friend. He's left the web site in my hands, so I started playing around in Photoshop to get some ideas rolling.


I had a fun idea on my commute home from work, so I decided to make it a reality. Get welcomed by a new broism each time.