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Bradley Durham

Portfolio redesign

I have been thinking of redoing my site helveticbrands.ch along the following lines for some time now. It is very much a work in progress for now but would love to know your thoughts on this and any possible items about the current site I could improve. Please see the attachment for a larger view.

One Page Website Update

We have decided to put up a temporary one page version of our site, built in html5. We've also added a nice little bit of JS that controls the skyline, at different times of day it will show a different sky. Would love to hear your thoughts and how we could improve the usability & design? UPDATE: We have had some great feedback so far, Would be really interesting to see how others think we can improve this design, or how we could move it on best into a multi page site. What is it lacking? What could we add to really make an impact?

Loveable Robot

This is a robot character for the lovely folks at AbleBots. As with all icons/designs, I like to take at least a 24 hour break from them, to revisit with fresh eyes and squish any bugs - but for now, he's complete! p.s. He painted on the Company initials himself ;)