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Brendan Saunders

Awesomefest III

This one is a bit late because I forgot I had a copy of it. The brick texture had to be so strong for the final print to look correct. We ran a few proofs of this with the texture more subtle and they weren't acceptable.

custom dark bootstrap theme

I'm working with @aaronw (he's a much better designer) on a side project. We're on a mission to create and open source custom bootstrap themes. The first theme I'm working on is a dark theme. It's still in the works, but it's getting there...

marketing site for fulcrum app

In the middle of designing/building a real marketing site for fulcrum app. Fulcrum is described as "A cloud-based data collection tool for smart devices." The site is being built with jekyll and deployed on github pages. This workflow allows for easy version control and a great level of flexibility over more traditional CMSs


pricing table

I made a pricing table to use inside of an app that we're building, where I work. We needed a way to show annual prices, as well as a way to let a user preview the cost for multiple users. I came up with this quick idea to handle these concerns. inside the app we're going with a "click the panel to select the plan" interaction. Here is a screenshot of a "selected" plan in the app. constructive feedback welcome.

Bordeaux redux - fictious restaurant app

This is the revamped version of my restaurant menu app concept. The original can be seen here. It was inspired by this post about Natural User interfaces, and making the content the UI. I went with more of the brown tones to and brought out the wood texture a bit more. What do you think of this version? Just playing around with some concept UI design.

Awesomefest 2010 poster design

Same event as my last shot, but the following year. I can't wait to see what direction they go in this year. Originally printed at 11" x 17"

Awesomefest '09 poster design

This was originally run at 11" x 17" Designed for an event at my friend's church.

Illusion Studios PSD mock-up (fictitious company)

Just finished my PSD mock-up for a new download site that I am building with a friend. This is a clean portfolio style site (based on a fictitious web design company) What do you think?