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Bianca Casimes

Countdown UI

Working on a simple countdown app for the iPad. This will be one of the themes or templates to choose from to display your countdown. Would love some feedback. I just started working on this project and would love to know if anyone would be interested in something simple like this. As of now, all the countdown iPad apps are pretty lammmmeee. Thanks! EDIT: I refreshed the colors on the text by suggestion, and also dropped the drop shadow lower on the text. Side note, I'm absolutely swamped with work, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in developing this app with me as a programmer?

Antiques Website

That album cover I made awhile back has spawned a whole fake project for me. I began working on this website yesterday, and "finished" this mockup today. I feel like there's something awkward about it but I can't put my finger on it. The composition is sort of balanced, maybe its heavy in a spot? Maybe the values are too contrasting? Any feedback would be absolutely wonderful EDIT: Finally got time to look at this again, lightened the middle section to not cut the page so much. Added a bandcamp link since apparently a band that has this cool of a website would have to have one, haha.

The Antiques Album Cover

Friend created a fake band. So I created fake art for them. I'm trying to improve my typographical skills, so this is pretty simple.

Text Post - Tumblr Theme Modern Shock

Hey all (: Working on a new tumblr theme, just finished a text entry. Tried to keep it clean, slightly textured, and a little fun. I'm still in the process of working with the layout as a whole, so fonts and etc might change depending on how it goes along. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!