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Bianca Mangels



Flower e-shop interface

Currently working on a e-commerce interface. This is the first mockup, what do you think? Check the full view.

New ink piece

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted something new. I'll hopefully be posting stuff on a regular basis once again, so stay tuned :)

Transplant Ambassadors Site

This is a site a friend and I are in the process of making for a group of people who are planning to sail as part of clipperroundtheworld.com/ for this charity uktransplant.org.uk/ukt/…. The idea is that when a user goes onto the site there will be a set of information that will be sent from the boat and will subsequently update details in the site. Key Changes - Time - Whatever time it is for the guys on the boat, the background will reflect night/day - Weather - Again if the sailers have rain, the background will be rain (currently sunny) - Key info (left hand side) - Will update as frequently as possible (tbc) - Twitter updates - Sailers to update as they can - Journal - Sailers to update as they can Please Excuse the unfinished boat, its the only asset I have to hand as of yet. Really would appreciate comments on the work so far. Thanks! Edit: Changed the footer slighlty, thanks @HisHandiwork

OpenCart Design - Updated

This post is an update of: forrst.com/posts/… I have made changes based on your feedback and would love to know what you guys think =] Thanks to @FutureSight @No1son and @3exits for their great feedback last time!

Pre-School Music Class Alternative Colourway

Identity work for a music class designed for toddlers to develop their social and cognitive abilities prior to going to school. The brief was to create a playful and vibrant logo-mark designed to attract parents to the class. The original colour can be seen here: forrst.com/posts/… which do you prefer?

My Portfolio

Hi, this is my portfolio concept. It is not finished. I currently have no time to design it on.


Magazine & Blog Template

Work in progress on a blog & magazine template I'm developing as basis for a video tutorial series on Webdesign Tuts+. Got the homepage coded mostly, I'm just struggling to find a suitable image preloader or something that resembles the lazy load plugin, for those of you familiar with it. Any feedback/suggestions/criticism (only constructive criticism) is highly appreciated :)