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Bianca Mangels

biancamangels.com - Sketchy

biancamangels.com Yay the redesign is online! Thanks to everyone who commented or liked the Snaps of this design, I posted a while ago. You guys helped me a lot with all your feedback and suggestions! Of course any new opinions are highly appreciated, too!


A new project I'm working on together with @paratron Its name is firestone and it's basically a system to create your backend. What I'm not sure about is whether users will be able to understand the lights in the table as "Element is online/offline" and if the little black button beside the description is recognizable as "read more". Feedback always welcome :) Icons: iconsweets2.com/

Subpage for biancamangels.com

So this is the design of the subpages. Here is the first post: forrst.com/posts/… Took me a long time to figure out how to design the header. I'm not sure if I'm really happy with it or just accepted that I can't figure out something better xD. Though I tend to the first option, every suggestion is welcome. So this is the contact page. I hope it is self-explanatory. I'll be happy about every kind of feedback ;)

bm.com - Redesign

My first post on forrst actually included the little screen on the top, well here is a first (okay it's like the THOUSANDth, but I haven't shared any of them) draft for the redesign of my website. Any critique is VERY welcome! Especially concerning: the shadows (I'm not sure, if the perspective and their differences match visually or not) the button that says "Hier gibt's mehr" (on the bottom of the example-work) proportions (I feel like the header has too much room in comparison to what's beneath it) style (is it too much?) Thanks for your feedback!


A few icons I created for my tumblr blog a while back. I know the size seems to be totally random and it is. Next time I'll be more considerate about that :). Oh and by the way the "View Again"-Icon was positioned on the bottom of the blog, so its meaning is more like "Back to the top".

Bauernverband Riedstadt-Ost

Some work for school. We were supposed to create a website for the "Bauernverband Riedstadt-Ost" which is a fictional farmer's association.

One Page Portfolio - The Fancy Version

This is the fancy version of my portfolio. It shows more what I did when I started with all the designstuff (which means I vexeled a lot). Looks a lot better when viewed on a big Screen in the webbrowser. Simple version: forrst.com/posts/…

One Page Portfolio

This is my current portfolio, v1.3. Basically I just updated a few graphics, making it look a lot cleaner. The website itself had a lot more content (downloads, more rambling text etc.). I deleted everything that I felt was unnecessary. My website has two versions, the first is this simple one, the other is more "fancy". When I first designed the website I wasn't sure in which direction it should go, so I just decided I'd make two versions. In retrospect I don't like that at all. It feels uncomfortable. Anyway, the next relaunch is in process and it will have only one design. I just updated this version, because I couldn't bear looking at it anymore xD. Interestingly enough I didn't change the look of the fancy version.