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# ~/.irbrc

def me

# irb

>> benny = me
=> #<User id: 123456789, email_address: "benny@bwong.net", encry...>

Common tasks in IRB

This is something I've had for a while that I think would be helpful for others. If you find yourself doing to the same thing over and over in irb (or Rails console), you can throw it into a function in your ~/.irbrc file to save some time and repetition.


Forrst Keyboard Shortcuts (Greasemonkey script)

When I was browsing through my Forrst dashboard, and wanted to be able to navigate through it like on the Tumblr dashboard. So, I created this Greasemonkey script to add some basic keyboard shortcuts to Forrst, ie. j/k to go to next/prev posts, c to create a new post, etc. It works on Firefox+Greasemonkey or Chrome, and have created a bookmarklet, but haven't tested that out much. Enjoy!