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Bart Sitek

Personal Rebranding

**Just a personal rebranding I did a while ago. Hope you guys like it!** PS. I'm still looking for a [Dribbble invite](http://www.behance.net/gallery/400x300-(Dribbble-invite-anyone)/5687417) so if anyone [has one to spare](http://dribbble.com/bartsitek) that would be awesome!


Looking for a simple way to present mockups/designs to your clients?

**Say hello to Projector! A Bootstrap styled, Markdown powered, Server-side language agnostic, database-less project/mockup presentation engine.** Ever needed a quick & easy way to share your projects/mockups and progress with your clients? Tired of using heavy and overblown PM tools or even generic directory listing for just that? Search no more. Thanks to Projector now you can simply upload your mockups, set priority for each page and you're done. It also doesn't discriminate whether you're using PHP, ROR or anything else server-side, it just works. It's *that* easy.

Marshall Plexi (1959 SLP) amp

*54 layers of an amazing sound* Just a quick something I made last night as a practice (my first try at iconography-ish stuff). Jimi Hendrix used one just like this! You're free to do anything you wish with it, go ahead and download below. **[free .PSD download](http://cl.ly/1D1P3C3I260C)** PS. I'd really appreciate a [Dribbble invite](http://dribbble.com/BartSitek) if anyone has one to spare!

The eagle has landed! Redesign.

Basically just a redesign of my personal website. HTML5 / CSS3 included, WebKit optimized. I will be further tweaking and upgrading some of the stuff on it soon. Enjoy! Feel free to check it out here -> bartsitek.com