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Anthony Young


Social App

Hi All, I would like to create a social app... What do people recommend as in Platform to use etc I am not sure where to start. I think I would mostly be coding and designing myself. I am just really unsure where to start to build a quick version to get started and work on mobile? I was thinking to use PhoneGap to get it in the app store. What do you all recommend?

Portfolio header WIP

Heading area of my portfolio redesign, I'm looking for some feedback, ideas, I find it so hard designing for myself...I want to go in a retro direction. What do you think so far...

Portfolio Holding page WIP

Work in progress of a holding page design I am working on for my portfolio as I haven't really renewed it in a few years, looking for feedback...

Sidebar Improved WIP

The Improved version of of an earler snap I did of a redesign I am doing for a client. This post

Slider and sidebar UX design

Redesigning a homepage with a sidebar and thought I would work on the slider also, would be great to hear your feedback, I am hoping to add some more colour on this and this is just a WIP


How can you get very clean and smooth designs in photoshop?

I feel that when designing in photoshop my designs are not as smooth and crisp as they are on some other designs. Is there a technique to this or is this the same for everyone?

Home of lettings - Client logo

My Final logo design for a client I am working with. Home of lettings. To be used on stationary, website etc. Designed in Illustrator.

WIP of a website I am designing and developing for a client.

In progress, a homepage design of a clients website continued. Very basic so far. Implimented clients feedback.