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Greg Cooper  Pro

Interstate Header Rework

Redesigning Interstate's visitor facing site to include some of our more recent changes to the application. Decided to design from the ground up, here's the header so far. Tried to use some of the popular techniques around just now such as the stars and galaxy faintly in the background. Thoughts?

Interstate for Mac

A little preview of the Mac app we have in the works for Interstate. Decided to redesign from the ground up and move away from our previous build of the app after it seemed a little dull to use. After realizing how enjoyable apps like Twitter for Mac and Reeder for Mac were, I decided I wanted to design something along the same lines. Thoughts?

YC Demo Day Slide

The first slide which was used as part of Interstate's Y Combinator demo day presentation.

Mac Roadmap

Working on the updated design concept on the roadmaps view in Interstate for Mac. Tried to bring together the look of the updated site (released soon) and the general feel of Mac apps. Still in the learning process of the do's and dont's of designing Mac apps. Would love your thoughts/feedback!

Updating Roadmaps

Working on an overhauled roadmap view for Interstate. Since we launched Routes the entire page just felt over crowded and unusable. The aim of this was to make roads and routes more "individual" and make them look more important. There are a few states in the snap. The first is a road which is hovered to reveal the controls which appear on the top. The second is a road/route which is being moved (dragging). The third is a route which has two roads inside, one of the roads is minimised also. We're experimenting with a new "Subscribe to updates?" feature which will allow you to receive emails about updates (or not). Up until now you received the emails if your global settings were set to receive emails about road updates. Should cut down of annoying emails/notifications. A big problem for us has been the implementation of Routes, it just sucked big balls. We're working on some new concepts and making it more clear as to how you can add road's to routes. For instance when a route is now hovered the "Add a Road" button is more prominent and separate from the rest of the controls. Would love to hear feedback/thoughts!

Prompt.IM - Real-time chat...

This is the design for a real-time chat we decided to make to test out Node.JS at BakedCode. We wanted to keep it really simple and straight forward, simpler to IRC. Would love to hear your thoughts and you can chat with us at prompt.im/…

New Interstate Homepage

I've had the feeling for a long time that Interstate's current homepage just instant doing the app justice. It explains very little and doesn't give much "hope" for what will be behind the sign in box. In order to rectify this I decided to overhaul the entire thing and make it a tad more interesting. This is just the start of the design as I'm still to add things like the feature list and other things along those lines. Along with the new homepage I hope to redo the tour page since it's quite an important part of what the homepage is trying to promote. Thoughts? UPDATE: Uploaded a newer version which shows more of the page. Integrated some of the suggested changes. Such as a slightly different button colour, a little shadow on the text on the ribbon and changed the sunburst to be more "realistic". New things include the feature list, the list of clients, the information about BakedCode and the latest Tweet. Please be aware the companies listed under "regulars" use the product and we're in the process of asking their permission to use their logos on the homepage, otherwise we will be removing them before coding.



A blog post explaining my thoughts and opinions regarding deadlines, for both me personally and BakedCode. We aim to run a deadline-free-environment which will be the true test of my thinking. Would love to hear what the Forrst community thinks of deadlines.