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Kandinsky Social Media Iconset

Kandinsky is a unique social media iconset. It is the new addition to the "famous painters" set, and if you take a closer look, you will find many subtle details based on the work of Wassily Kandinsky, one of the favourites Bauhaus teachers back in 1922. This free release is available at 16, 24, 32, 48, 128 and 256px in PNG file format and includes icons for: Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Chat, Flickr, Mail, RSS, Skype, FourSquare and LinkedIn. Download the set for free at bit.ly/… PS: if you have 1 click to spare, please tweet about it. :)

8 Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Another free release with a retro/vintage look: 8 layer styles for photoshop, in 4 colors and with 2 variations. You can download them here: aurove.com/downloads/retro-layer-style/

4 Free Retro Badges

Ok, i am back from somewhere, and here are the promised badges made using only Photoshop vector shapes. They are fully scalable, easy to edit, and free for you. :) Go ahead, download them and let me know how you use it! aurove.com/downloads/retro-badges/

The Store Maker

This is another of my GR items; a Store Maker. It can be used for many purposes; it´s fully editable and it will be updated soon with many more elements; colors and maybe a night version of it . Changing the store look for your own needs is very simple and is fully explained in the PDF help guide. See some examples of finished Stores here: graphicriver.net/item/the-store-maker/…

Exhibition Blister

This is another of my GR items; an exhibition blister pack mock-up. It can be used for many purposes; it´s fully editable and can be used at any size without quality loss (it´s all made with vector shapes; even the shadows) . Changing the blister pack for your own needs is very simple: change the SmartObject, Save it and you are done. :)

The Piecemaker Mock-up

This is the final result of a mock-up that i´ve made for my fellow authors on Envato; mainly the ThemeForest people. It´s a time-saver tool to mock up the Piecemaker designs. Try de demo: goo.gl/… or download the full version here: goo.gl/…