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Audee Mirza

SuperKid Vectors

One of illustration I made as a set of various Super Hero Kid characters that can be combined or customized with some other decorated elements (color, shapes & textures), to create a mascot icon, an avatar or badges. The file is available on my CreativeMarket profile » **[SuperKid - 15 Vectors & Icons](http://bit.ly/superkid-vectors)**

Nevatu Font

Just want to update you that I've released my first font, that comes in 215 glyphs , consist of standard uppercase & lowercase font, basic diacritics, punctuation, numbers, symbols and 2 open type ligatures. Nevatu is a simple – bold weight handwriting font, designed in calligraphic style. .OTF file is included for all kinds of OS. Interested? check it a little closer See the font actions on my [**Behance portfolio**](http://www.behance.net/gallery/Nevatu-Font/11738773)

MarianneKrog Web

MarianneKrog Web is a WordPress theme designed and developed for a Norwegian fitness trainer . The vertical navigation menu is using CSS3 parallelogram shape and it's dynamic up to 5 levels. You can read more about it in one of my blog post: http://bit.ly/css-parallelogram-menu View it live > http://mariannekrog.com

Sam Saint-Jean Logo Design

The final design of 'Sam Saint-Jean' logo. I was trying to explore the SJ letters combination, without having them too obvious. See the process here: http://bit.ly/stj-logo

Helene Drage logo draft

I'm working on a logo with customized typeface. My client wants to see swirls on it. But as her logotype can be pretty long, I think if I split it into two words it will make better balance in the overall look. Now that I come with some revisions, especially with the swirls part. The reason is because these swirls were too identical and therefore becoming monotonous. So I tried to edit each of them. Also I refined the curve of the letter 'L', to appear not too curvy or loopy like before. However I still need to fix the curve on the 'g' counter later. I changed the pink color as suggested by @jakeallard Any feedback from this community would be very helpful :) Thanks! NOTE: below is the previous draft

Visurie logo draft

Visurie is logo for a visionary project or plan. I may need feedback from you that is it better if the 'A' having crossbar? or rather without crossbar? Also, I open myself to hear more comments despite of the 'crossbar' question. Thank you :)

East Vision logo draft

East Vision is a logo for a travel and tourism company in Tajikistan. The client wants to see pictorial mark so I tried to create the vector version of the Hissar fortress which is known as a national monument in Tajikistan. Previous alternatives are below: UPDATE: The client decided not to use this concept. However, thank you very much for the comments and constructive feedback! :)

STJ logo draft

Finally I'm able to update with the next logo draft. I need to create something from this initials: 'STJ' and the ST part is actually coming from the word: 'Saint' I'm looking for feedback if you're so kind to give me :) The sketch version draft: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2920298/STJ-logo-sketch-draft-2.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2920298/STJ-logo-sketch-draft-1-PS-sm.png