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Ashley Martin

Asteroid Grinding

Custom redesign for asteroidgrinding.com They wanted it to look like this site midwaygrinding.com Kept the space elements of the asteroid in the logo. Modernized a bunch of elements. Brought in some new colors and definitely cleaned up the design.

ADSI Website redesign

They wanted their layout less boxy so I came up with this. They have a ton of content on their main page so I had to figure out how to sort it all out. Hopefully they can tell me to take some down since it's made the page very long!

Happy Holidays!

This is just a little holiday eCard I made to send to my friends and family. I have the card online to preview the snow falling and complete with music. Happy Holidays my fellow Forrsters! I hope it's a safe and happy one for all. Check out the animated card!

Shore's List - v.2

A trucking company search engine for truckers to fill out a form and be matched to possible hiring companies. Here is the complete landing page layout. Let me know what you think! Previous versions: forrst.com/posts/… forrst.com/posts/…

Small Social Tags

From my earlier snap, I have created a smaller version of these little guys. I also changed the Twitter icon to the bird like @thecodezombie suggested and brought down the inner glows. Let me know what you guys think! P.S. - I'll be posting this as a PSD freebie as soon as I clean up the PSD to share.

Social Tags

Here are some social media icon tags that I made just for fun. I made them look like tags. Kind of something you could put on your keyring. What do you guys think? Do you like them?

Twitter Background

Here's my first shot at a Twitter background for myself. My favorite color is (obviously) blue and I tried to have a pixel texture as the general background as well as a radial gradient to highlight the top of the page. I added a ribbon banner to introduce myself as well as some hashtags of what I like to do. The box at the bottom is just all of my social connections. Like it? ^_^

Thank you, Forrst!

Thank you for the invite, Forrst. I will be giving this site much use in the future! I am so glad to be a part of this amazing community of wonderful and helpful designers. All of your work is amazing and I can't wait to share mine. Most of my designs will be web/HTML emails. Maybe I'll throw in some icons if I get around to it. =)