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Joel M

Legend Joomla Template

Just incase you missed it, we've released a new #Joomla 3.2 template - Legend. 5 color styles, RTL, Retina Ready and much more goo.gl/…

One last preview - Lighthouse kunena theme

Hi Guys, I'm doing a round up on the few extensions that I've included in the Lighthouse Joomla theme that I've been working on: http://forrst.com/posts/Lighthouse_Joomla_Theme-aYK Feel free to leave your comments, likes and loves.

Lighthouse Joomla! Theme

Hi Gals and Guys, I'm almost done with the coding and design of a subtle church theme and I'd like to get some feedback especially on elements and fonts. Thanks in advance.

Sauna - Beauty and Spa Joomla Template Preview

Hi Guys/Gals, I'm working on a little nice template for beauty n spa. The theme is set in a dark tone, with transparent body and a touch of shadows and boxes. Let me know your thoughts/improvements/likes/dislikes on this. thanks

Fontaine Joomla Template

Something nice and clean I've been putting up together for the last couple of weeks. I'm interested in knowing points of improvements/criticism/feedback so let me know your thoughts. Many thanks :)

Clarke - Asparagus with a retro touch

Thanks ya'll for the feedback...aaaand while I was souping it up I got myself thinking of a combat-gaming look and feel which I think will be my next design - but added it to this one anyway. Let me know what you think.

Clarke Joomla - Olive theme

Hey Guys, Here's a sneak peek of a joomla theme I'm working on - an green-olive skin. what do you think?

Clarke Joomla Template

Hey Ever'one, I just started on my next theme in the last couple of days and I'm building everything on browser with shadows. borders and the like for the effects (ofcourse with the aid of a few gradient images) What do you think?