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Milos Mirkovic

Blawb android icons

Finally released them, big thanks to JohnnyV41 for name, and to everyone who tested them :) You can download them here - fav.me/…

More Android Icons

Done these few days ago, totally forgot to upload them. Some more app icons + some social networks. Still not sure how to name this set. Any ideas?

Android Icons

Another snap of my android icon set. They're almost done, i have couple more to finish. Comments and suggestions are welcome, also let me know if you have some requests. EDIT: If anyone wants to test them, let me know!

App icons

Icons based on Gert Jan's Upojenie icon set. Free for desktop use, you can download them here - fav.me/…

Android Icons

Custom icon set for android.

Ninja Sheep

Character for an iPhone game. I'm working on animation right now. Any suggestions are welcome.


Expansion, it's going really slow, i have no time for this.. :( Did i miss some browsers?


Work in progress, .psd courtesy of fav.me/… Would love to hear your input.