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Andy McFee  Pro

Blue Accent in Dark UI

So I'm working on a web app with a dark-themed UI. We used to use solid black as our "highlighted" color, but it just wasn't popping, so I'm trying out a blue accent. But I'm trying to decide between a solid muted blue and a brighter blue gradient. Would love some feedback! Thanks!

CSS Toggle Switch

A switch I designed as part of a blog post I wrote about using toggle switches instead of checkboxes in your UI. My blog post: andymcfee.com/ Enjoy!

Simple Login Form

I haven’t been doing enough actual designing lately so I decided to design and build a simple login form using Twitter Bootstrap. Turned out pretty well I think. Let me know what you think.


How to Debug Compass/SASS/SCSS

OK, So I'm a front end web developer who has recently stumbled across the world of Compass + SASS/SCSS and I'm wondering how people debug it? Let me explain: If I want to change the color of an element, the way I do this now is I open my page in a browser, pop open firebug, check out the line number of the style sheet and BOOM, I'm there, I change the color. But it would seem (and again, I've only started learning SASS today) that there would have to be another step in here to then find where this color is defined in my SASS. Right? If I'm way off base here, just let me know. Thanks in advance!

Call Type Icon Design

This is a screenshot of a site UI I'm working on for a Google Voice-like product. This is the "OneBox" where you will be able to see all the calls you've made, received, missed, etc. I'm looking for feedback for the call type icons (phone and arrows in orange circles). Are they intuitive? Prominent enough? Do they go well with the overall design? Any suggestions on that or any other element really would be greatly appreciated! NOTE: Disregard the user avatars... my developers are still having their way with test accounts' avatars. Crazy developers....

Product Beta Landing Page

This is the mockup for a landing/beta page for a browser-based phone service. I was going for a dark theme that really accentuated the images and bright text. Most of the text is just dummy text but I'm really looking for design feedback. What would you do to improve? It's designed for the 12-col 960 framework btw...

Teledini Logo Design

SO this is my first post so I'm looking for some feedback from the design community on a logo design I just completed. The product is a browser-based telephone. I was struggling with finding the right font when I landed on this one. This is my process from finding the font to FINAL. As you can see I manipulated the font a good bit and played mainly with spacing. Thoughts?