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Amit Jakhu


What are your thoughts on Spec Work?

I recently posted a blog post on my opinion on the subject. You can view it here: blog.amitjakhu.com/post/… I just want to know what are your thoughts on Spec Work and Crowdsourcing (whether it's negative or positive)?


Stickky.Me - Note-Taking App

Stickky.Me is a web app to create, manage, group and share sticky notes in the most simplest way possible. I already have the app in mind but I want to take suggestions from as many people as I can to see what other people would like. The reason I'm making it is because, all the note-taking and sticky note apps either take to long to create a simple note or there just to hard to organize and the note is not where you need it because its stored on one device somewhere. I want this to be simple, cross-platform and yet have some nice features like groups and notifications. To submit your suggestion visit: Stickky.me and click "Tweet it". I will be posting my process on the app on a blog but that will be released later on.

Designers.MX Hip Hop mix cover

Started designing a cover for a Hip Hop mix on Designers.MX. Still need to be approved by them and need a submission token but I'm looking optimistic XD Hopefully I can get it before I finish up the cover. This is just the typography and possible texture. There will most likely be illustrations relating to the theme. But to give you an idea it is a chill album, more of the underground artists, and head bopping music. Any suggestions on type?

Blog Re-Design (Tumblr)

This is a re-design for my personal tumblr blog. I was getting really bored of my current one and wanted to give it a little face-lift. I'm going to be applying a similar design for the portfolio, about and contact sections as well. I went for a 3-column layout because I thought the left column should be my content, the middle my likes and everything I find interesting and the far right would be latest news and links.