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Roberto Alanís

$('#filters a').click(function() {
	// fetch the data-year of the clicked item
	var year = $(this).data('year');
		$videos = $('#videos');
	// reset the active class on all the buttons
	$('#filters li').removeClass('active');
	// update the active state on our clicked button
	if(year == '*') {
	  // show all our items
	else {
	  // hide all elements that don't share year
	  // show all elements that do share year
	  $videos.children('li' + year).show();
	return false;

HTML5 custom attibutes in jquery

I'm trying to filter some images using a menu with custom attributes, the idea is show some videos by year, so both each filter link and video have a 'data-year' custom attribute, and with jquery I'm just fading in and out if the data attribute is the same. I'm able to fade in ALL and to fade out the ones that are not the year, but I can't show just one year, something is wrong in my code and I don't know what:


Conditional script loading with HEADJS

HeadJS just got updated to detect if the client is a desktop or a mobile, currently I'm loading some scripts everytime with this:

HDR Simulation

First off... I DO know how to do HDR... but I've seen a lot of bad examples of this technique just using the default settings on Photomatix, Topaz Adjust or Photoshop HDR Pro, so I tried to make an action to simulate a "non-burned" HDR from a single image. This is my result, it works in all kinds of images. You can grab it here: cl.ly/…

Wine Bottles

Finished models of wine bottles. Done in Photoshop, 4 different bottles: Bordeaux, Burgundy and 2 Rhine versions. I managed to leave it all editable, from the color of the bottle, the label, the cap... All made with shape layers, layer styles and smart Objects. You can find the Bordeaux and the Burgundy models on my GR portfolio. The 2 Rhine models will be uploaded soon. graphicriver.net/item/wine-bottle-mockup/… graphicriver.net/item/wine-bottle-mockup-v2/… Any thoughts?


Following @HillaryHopper 's idea. My last name is actually a girl's name meaning "good looking", or attractive, I have to say my first name means "famous"... someday I'll honor my whole name LOL.

Wine Bottle

Another update for the wine bottle I'm doing in Photoshop, I think this model is pretty much finished, so I'll move on to the other ones. What do you think?

Wine Bottle - WIP2

Update for the Wine Bottle I'm designing in Photoshop, I'm actually done with the bottle, next step is to make other bottles and the labels of each one. UPDATE: forrst.com/posts/…

Wine Bottle - WIP

I'm on my way on making a realistic wine bottle on Photoshop. Shading and more details to come... I'm craving pixel perfection!! :) UPDATE: forrst.com/posts/… forrst.com/posts/…