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Leonard Latescu

iOS7 Profile Screen

iOS7 Profile Screen

Results Page - Menus - iPhone App

An experiment of mine - Restaurant iPhone application. Working on the other 4 screens. Waiting for feedbacks mates :) and some advices if possible.

Audio Webkit Interface

Audio Webkit Interface - Volume & Equalizer used for any audio-related interface design. Also waiting for your feedback mates :). You can DOWNLOAD it here from GraphicRiver .

Audio Volume

Playing arround with some volume buttons :). Main volume, secondary for different use (balance, dB, bass and so on). Hope you like it.

UI elements

UI elements - blue / green combination. Elements: - top navigation menu with drop down submenu, - simple selector menu, - price bar slider.

UI Gadget

UI Gadget Composition - perfect for travelling apps. You can choose to assign an outgoing date for your trip, take a look to your maps and manage your photos.

Real Estate Ads

Real Estate Ad. It allows you to share this ad on your facebook or twitter account and also to recommend it / mail it to your friends.

Newsletter Form

Regular newsletter subscribe form with 2 fileds, name and email address. It can be used with an overlay on your website or on your facebook page.