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Ali Raza  Pro

Blog Design Feedback

HI guys I would love some feedback on my blog design. I am not a designer but I wanted to try my hand at having a minimal interface and went with the whole process. Can you guys please check and tell me how can I improve it more. Its hosted [here](http://aliirz.com) Thanks


Rails Deployment issues on Linode

Hey everyone I have been trying to find a solution for this from a very long time. I am unable to deploy a rails application on my Linode server. First let me tell you about the server environment: Its a linode running ubuntu 10.4 Web server is apache Rvm is installed to be used by an account called deploy. All the necessary gems are installed. Trying to deploy with Capistrano Now i made this very simple Rails app called jobs, nothing fancy, just to test how everything works. Followed this gist for deployment: gist.github.com/… Everything works fine, the files are copied. I do not get any missing gems error or anything. Even symlinks are made correctly. The problem? I still cannot open this url: jobs.aliirz.com (Vhosts are properly setup in apache config too). I think that Apache might be having some problem in accessing the symlink but I am not sure. I am very new to Rails development and deployment. Help will be very appreciated. Thanks


Urbanairship API with C#

Hey everyone i am working on creating a C# library for Urbanairship urbanairship.com . I need some help, no matter what i do my Request object always returns 401 unathorized. If someone has used it before, please can you provide a sample snippet in c# as to whats the proper way of using it? Many Thanks


Crittercism Support SDK for Mobile Apps

I came across this very useful lightweight SDK that can be used inside iOS and Android Apps. It allows the developers to embed a support form inside the app. Also it gives real time Crash Reports and Analytics. The coolest feature I have found in it is that when a user Sends positive feedback from within the App, it automatically gets published to the AppStore page of the App. I am using it and have really come to like it. Hope you guys will find it useful too. Cheers


SocioFluence - the social influece checking app

hey guys, this is my first iPhone app. please provide your feedback, so that I can improve it more. regards


Color Scheme Designer 3

this is really really helpful to design some cool color schemes for projects.



i havent worked on my twitter client ever since i made it compatible with OAuth. need some tips and suggestions on how to improve it more.


asp.net mvc 2?

working on asp.net mvc 2