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Alex Kearns

Interactive family tree app

I'm about to launch our new web-based app for creating interactive family trees like the one pictured above. You can visit the site here: peopleplotr.com - would love to know what people think of the design and functionality.

New Banded Timeline Design

A month or so ago, I published an image on Forrst of a new banded style of timeline I was working on. I have now completed the programming for this. The image is a screenshot of an example of a banded timeline I quickly mocked up. Hope you like it.

New home page for my timeline site

I have just launched a new design for my web-based timeline software. The home page was previously simply a full-page timeline, which showcased the software nicely but did not provide some of the additional info people were looking for. The new design includes that same timeline at the top but below the design provides loads of info about the software. In terms of the visual design, I aimed for something minimal and text heavy.

New category view for my timeline software

I have been working on some alternate views for displaying time based information for my timeline software tiki-toki.com. This view (which is currently just a design) splits the timeline into horizontal bands for each category.