Alex Boenisch

Balloon Your Room

Finalized logo mark & type lockup for a UK based balloon event decorating company. *Original post > HERE


I was in a Rotary Club meeting one day and the speaker was talking about education and slavery. And how, in order to truly overcome bondage, you must have your mind be freed as well. Here example was through education. This piece is based upon what she said and is one of the most powerful quotes I've heard, "The chains around the wrist are not as powerful as the chains around the mind." Thanks Jean.

Material Badge Collectible Achievement

This is a badge for a videogame collectable/achievement icon, the achievement system is mainly using badges. Once you collect them they become part of a gallery and also show up on your jacket in game. I was trying to perfect the Material badge - remembering what the textures where like on my old scout badges :)