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Alex Boenisch

Logo for cloudbox

Just a quick little whimsy logo! During a product meeting we rested on the name "CloudBox" for the internal name of a product (could eventually become the public-facing name, too). The name had plenty of imagery associated with it intrinsically so it wasn't that difficult figuring out what I wanted the logo to be - I instead spent more time considering different styles and feels. I thought something kind of cute and playful would be fun to make (especially since I have spent the last week or so staring at a Ruby app and was craving some hands-on drawing). The "R" is a branding element that appears across the suite of applications and services my company offers or is working on. Each one bears the "R" and is loosely tied back to the overarching company: Relay.

Right Outside Beautiful Philadelphia!

Ok, so ignore the fact that Philly was just rated the second dirtiest city... Part of the contact page on my company's website done up in the throwback Phillies colors.

Regen Realty Homepage

The start of the home page of a website for a realty company that focuses on reviving properties rather than leveling them and starting over. Not really sure what to do in the ribbon yet. Ribbons just look so damn good I felt like putting one in. I suppose actually getting copy might help me figure out what will go there...

Relay Holiday CD

Just a little sneak peek at something I'm working on for my company's holiday CD.

Report Dashboard

The start of a dashboard (with a little inspiration a la Feltron). I imagine most of the content in the white area will be quite different.

Developer Fuel

Developer Fuel. A rebound to a quick little thing I felt like designing while enjoying my afternoon coffee.

Designer Fuel

Designer Fuel. Just a quick little thing I felt like designing while enjoying my afternoon coffee.

Break Minder

The start of a personal little side project that I continue to neglect - A simple way of managing your work breaks and getting back on task when they're through.