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Milan Spasic

WeeDay Single Page Wedding Template with Timeline

Finished today. Clean (what a cliche) wedding template. Tried to make it elegant (have I). When you see it you'll marry bricks

Blueprint Tri Fold

I have a signage in this very same style. Will show it off later ^^


How would you improve typography on this one?

How would you improve typography on this one?

Website dedicated to LGBT people from Serbia telling their stories how they came out

This is a project I'm currently working on, gonna host it later somewhere. Status of LGBT people in my country is horrible and I hope this will make at least some change. It's not finished yet, just a rough version of it. The original idea is taken from whenicameout.com.

Blueprint Idea

A corporate (or whatever you can use it for) flyer template. The concept is very clear - a bulb in blueprint style for representing realization of an idea. There is a signage in the same style with gears added witch I'll post later on. Cheers!