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Alan Horne

New Portfolio Design

A launched my new portfolio design this week.

Volume Dial

I'm working on my new portfolio design and I'm going to put together a few freebies for launch of the blog and site, this is one I'm currently working on.

itsfilmtastic iPhone Icon

I have been running my film blog (itsfilmtastic.co.uk) now for a month or so, so I decided that I should get round to giving it an iPhone icon if people save it.

Recruitment App Website

Working on a website for a Recruitment iPhone App that will be sold to small recruitment agencies. They wanted it to reflect their company colours etc, so it was a little difficult to get a balance, but I think I'm getting there. On the final design the iPhone will have a screen design on it and the screenshots will actually be from the app, rather than images taken from the net. That is all still under wraps.

itsFilmtastic Blog Design

I ran a movie blog a while ago but it kind of slipped to the side, I have decided to try and resurrect it.

What we do in life...

Decided to do a little series of movie inspired posters and possibly sell the prints later down the line. Thoughts on my first one? I'm still a little unsure of the top line.

Baby Trivia App - Questions Page

Working on an iPhone app game for new parents or parents to be. They will be asked 10 random questions and they will get a score depending on the time taken and correct answers. This is the question page design.


Clearing your Floated Divs with CSS

A little blog post on the 2 most common methods for clearing your divs with CSS.