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Alfonso Gómez-Arzola


Where to buy used mobile equipment?

Wondering if there is a site where one can find good deals on used mobile equipment for mobile web testing. Multiple platforms: Android, BB, Windows Phone 7. No need for any phone service; just the equipment.


A simple HTML character (not ×) to represent "Close"?

Looking for suggestions. Already using × for "Delete", so I want to use something different than that. Also open to using × for "Close" and something else for "Delete", if you have any such suggestions. Thanks!


Lectric Slider

A touch-enabled, hardware-accelerated slider, as featured on mckinney.com


Rethinking the Mobile Web by Yiibu

An excellent case for a different approach to web design: Design for mobile first and then build up from there. It makes perfect sense to me to build a web site or app making sure that the lowest common denominator gets all of the essential functionality first, and then build "premium" features on top that are viewable by larger and more sophisticated devices. It's a pragmatic approach that I think many of our projects can benefit from.