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Adrián Mato

Seven Day Transport logo concept

Howdy, forrsters! Here's another logo concept from me, it's for a transportation company called Seven Days Transport. Cheers, Máté

UI Kit

hello again fellows! i have made my first UI Kit . There were many things i wanted to do in it but couldn't do those because of shortage of the time. i hope that i'll revise it soon with improved version. Feel free to write your thoughts. They can help me to improve. GRAB THE PSD: noptar.com/resources/…

Introducing Bosquet: your new favorite Forrst app for iOS

@Noxdzine and I are from Paris, and we love Forrst. Because we couldn't find an iOS app for it that was good enough to suit our needs, we decided to create Bosquet. Today, we're giving you a first glimpse of what it looks like. We want it to be your new favorite Forrst app. @Noxdzine did an amazing work on the the UI while I did my best to bring it to life on the device. But what exactly can you do with Bosquet? While the API remains read-only, you'll still be able to browse through all the posts that appear on the website, filter them by type, check the comments as well as anybody's profile and even get notifications just like in your browser. We set up a website at bosquetapp.com where you'll be able to see more from the app and register to be informed when it finally hits the AppStore some time in November. To all the members of this community, we hope you like what you see so far and we'll welcome your first feedbacks with great pleasure!


Quite possibly the coolest web experiment I've ever seen.

No kidding. This really shows the capabilities of WebGL. I viewed full-screen in Chrome on OS X. Stick around until the end: it gets better as it progresses :) Major props to whoever made this!

Hey Forrsters! I'm giving away a WordPress Theme...

I just wanted to share a WordPress theme I created for free and am giving it away for a week. You can check it out, along with the demo, here. Enjoy!

a medieval mint building

A medieval mint building for a tbs game via I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. I've used photoshop & my tablet. What do you think guys? Thank you, bye!

Wine Bottle Etiquette

So for a class at uni we had to (re)design an etiquette for a wine or beer. The above is what I came up with. I wanted to create something that was classic and emphasized the power and elegance of the wine. Comments / critique is very welcome.


Found Online: A Type of Joke (Why So Serious?)

This is one of the greatest Joker related artworks I've ever seen, as well as being one of the most amazing typographical pieces I've ever seen! And it's available as a full size print! deviantart.com/print/22099840/